Palanga INN rules:
-Only the number of persons agreed upon at the time of booking may arrive at the booked apartment without additional charge..
-Although we love the animals themselves, but please come without them.
-ARRIVAL from 14:00 to 19:00 hours. Please inform the hosts about your later arrival by phone.
-DEPARTURE until 11.30. Please contact the hosts for later departure or baggage.

-10 € per day for each additional guest. Bed linen and towels are included in this rate.
-Foldable bed 5 € per day.
-Extra towel 3 € per day.
-Bike and other inventory rental according to a valid pricelist. All rates are included in each apartment.
-Additional cleaning of apartments 10 €.

2. Hosts must:
-Provide the guest apartments as intended during the reservation.
-Familiarize the visitor with the internal rules.
-Guarantee that everything in the apartment works, as promised and agreed.
-If there are obvious defects in apartments or inventory, the owner must show them to the Guest.
-For stays of 10 days or more, hosts must change bed linen and towels at no extra charge (bed linen and towels are changed every 7 days).

3. Guest must:
-Comply with Palanga INN rules displayed below. They are also available in every apartment.
-Keep your belongings. Hosts are not responsible for your personal belongings.
-The guest is responsible for his children both inside and outside. Pay attention to the safety of your children in the playground. Don’t leave them unattended. The guest is also responsible for their children’s safety using bicycles, rollers or other inventory.

-The guest must preserve Palanga INN property. In the event of material loss, the guest must compensate them
-No animals allowed.
-The guest is responsible for the apartment keys given to him. Losing keys costs 10 €.
-The guest is responsible for the TV remote controls. The hosts will provide the remotes during your stay.
-Do not carry any items belonging to PALANGA INN from the property. If you need something by the sea, coordinate with the owners
-Do not take towels by the sea from the apartments. You can also rent a towel for this purpose.
-If you have taken the dishes or other cutlery out of the apartment outside, don’t forget to bring them back.
-Garbage containers are behind the gate.
-Smoking is only available where you will see ashtrays. Do not smoke in the playground or close to it. Let’s protect the little ones.
-Smoking is not allowed in the apartments.
-PALANGA INN Sleep time from 22.00 to 9.00 hours in the morning. Let us respect each other. Failure to comply with these rules means that both the neighboring residents, and nearby holidaymakers, and the hosts have the right to call the security service. The service fee of 10 € will be charged to the offender.
-Inform hosts as soon as possible of any breakdowns or other observed defects so that any problems can be resolved as soon as possible.
-We thank you for your effort to economically use a variety of resources – water, electricity.

Any disputes between the owners and guests of the villa must be settled by negotiation.

The person who placed the order is responsible for the rented apartments during the stay and must present a valid identity document at the time of arrival.